What they say about Harris Sussman--


A brilliant presentation. Thoughtful and provocative.

Stan Wayne, Ethical Society of Boston, October 2005

It was good to work with you. Our office took a chance on you and you did not let us down. You struck a home run and planted some significant seed for thought and personal reflections. Thanks and you will be hearing from us. (September 2004)

Handy Williamson, Jr., Ph.D., Vice Provost Academic Resource Development and Internationalization, University of Missouri/Columbia

I am deeply grateful for your visit. Students are still discussing a number of the issues you raised so I know your time with them was both meaningful and engaging. I hope we can find more ways to utilize your wisdom as we move forward. Thank you for coming and speaking with us.

Peter A. Clarke, Head of School, Shackleton Schools, Inc. (March 2005)

I appreciate all that you did to make our Mid-Year Conference a success. Not only the conference but the time and energy you spent helping me get prepared for the conference. You can judge by the evaluations that people enjoyed your presentation, your professionalism, and the wealth of current knowledge you were able to share with the group.

Shirley B. Hardy, Associate Vice President of Human Resources, Rock Valley College (January 2005)

I just wanted to say thanks again for being our guest lecturer/speaker for the MLK Jr. progam. You will be honored to hear that people continue to comment on your awesome presentation. They also applaud the concept of giving awards to community organizations that work to keep Dr. King's vision illuminated.  Keep on doing what you have been gifted to do so well; enilighten others.  Also thanks for the updates that you send perodically. Should you hear of any good diversity programs in the tri state area, please let me know.  Thanks--

Rev. Quentin Wallace, Albright College (January 2005)

I am pleased to inform you that many of our students and alumni who were present at the event later told us how much they enjoyed your presentation, particularly the simple way in which you conveyed the importance of learning about other cultures and the socio-political events that are shaping the world today.  With your easy examples, you brought home the point that it is essential to our students' future that they develop an appreciation for and a better understanding of international events.  I strongly believe that your presentation motivated our students to reach beyond their comfort zones and work toward developing a global mindset, crucial for success in today's borderless world.

I hope that students throughout the United States as well as other countries continue to benefit from your thought-provoking ideas and insights.

Mohammad Elahee, Ph.D., Quinnipiac University

Department of International Business & Faculty Advisor, International Business Society (December 2004)

You were brilliant...fabulous.

Prof. Ellen Cole, Alaska Pacific University (September 2004)

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful and refreshing it was for me to meet you and to spend time dipping into your wisdom and expertise!! My 'World' is much fuller today!

Margo Bellamy, Director, EEO, Anchorage School District -- (September 2004)

Your lecture, entitled “Who's Afraid of a Futurist?” where you discussed various social predictions, what happens when you try to think ahead, and why it's easy to predict some things and not others, was wonderfully engaging, entertaining and mind-rattlingly provocative all at the same time!

...your presentation certainly made us all think. Many of our regular participants commented to me that day how much they gained from your talk, and how they were taking away fresh perspectives....Thank you again for sharing your expertise with us, presenting your information in a style that, rather than being overwhelming and upsetting, was uniquely fresh, interactive, and even funny! You have a special talent for drawing in your audience in an all-encompassing, warm, “we're all in this together” kind of way.

We were delighted to have you as a speaker for our Organization of Older Students lecture series this fall. We look forward to offering your two classes, “How to Think Like a Futurist,” and “Multicultural Lives” this coming winter term.

Vanessa Trien, Program Planner

Cambridge Center for Adult Education (October 2004)

I want to thank and congratulate you for the masterful and most professional job you did as a presenter on the Diversity workshop October 18-19 in Baltimore. It was apparent that the workshop went well and was much appreciated by the attendees. I am enclosing copies of the attendee evfaluations which are quite good, much above average. It was a real pleasure to meet you....I hope we can stay in touch.

Stan Clark, president, Association of College Administration Professionals (October 2004)

You always add a new twist to the subject and your comments have been a great source of inspiration to me to get me thinking about diversity and inclusion in ways I had not previously considered. I'm sure your experience can be useful to our Cultural Diversity team. (March 2004)

David Rood, NACAS

On behalf of the entire CSW community I would like to thank you for coming to speak to us....moving and inspirational....We are so grateful that you took the time to impart wisdom and insight and give us great direction for the future.

Judith E. Tauriac, Director of Diversity, The Cambridge School of Weston

January 2004 (MLK Day speaker)

After discussion with the Diversity Committee, we unanimously agree that you would be a wonderful choice for our Diversity Retreat. (March 2004)

Heang Ly, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Dr. Sussman, we are pleased to advise you that you were unanimously selected to serve as the facilitator for the City of Wilson's Diversity Initiative. A letter of confirmation will be sent to you within the next few days. (August 2003)

Diversity Task Force
Maurice Barnes
Shirley Williams
Don Oliver

I read your "Raw Material" article. Brilliant. I am a student (and tutor/instructor) of writing, and I still hope for that kind of clarity. Thank you.

Regards, K

I write to seek permission to reproduce the above opinion piece on our website, briefly the website of one of India's most respected weeklies.

Sundeep Dougal
Executive Editor, outlookindia.com

"My office continues to receive raves for the workshop(s) on Friday. The approach that you employed made for the success of the day. As was stated in one session, many employees were prepared for yet another lecture concerning diversity as a "black/white" struggle. When this didn't materialize, I believe many minds were opened and progress was made. Thank you."

Eric Larson, President
Blackhawk Technical College

"Thank you for taking the time to participate in our recent retreat. I quite honestly did not know what to expect from your presentation, and was pleased to find it very compelling and thought provoking. I think I speak for the entire group when I say that you were an integral part of making this a special event."

Peter Schneider, Chairman
The Walt Disney Studios

"I so enjoyed your presentation to our group at the Retreat in Anaheim on January 25th. It was thought-provoking, interesting, depressing, and invigorating--all at the same time. Thank you for sharing your unique point of view with us."

Oren Aviv, President
Buena Vista Pictures Marketing

"Your presentation was the best I've attended during my six years with the City of Beloit."

Jackie Phillips
Health Inspector

"I can't tell you what a learning experience it was for me to have met with you. You have definitely inspired me to talk more openly to people; but most of all, I realized the importance of just listening to others. I am the one who would like to thank you! I do hope that we will be able to have you again for another session. I will keep in touch."

Florence G. Haley, Personnel Analyst
City of Beloit

"Well, I was looking at this picture: Sussman arrives Oct. 2000. Okay, okay, it looks like you saved us two years in that initial 5 year step. Let's see...according to my calculations, the city has approximately 2,000 steps to take in this transition. Each step takes 5 years. It will take the city 10,000 years to complete the steps. It is a fact that renowned human behavior expert Harris Sussman can reduce those steps 2 years for every five year step. With Sussman on board, the 10,000 year plan will take only 6,000 years. Sussman has saved us 4,000 years on this project. That is almost a 50% reduction in time.
Harris, now that I realize how many years you can save the city, can you work up a proposal?..."

Kathleen Kline, Battalion Chief
Kansas City Fire Department

"Thank you so very much for your presentation yesterday to our Paraprofessionals. Our Planning Committee stayed late last night as we further discussed your work and shared numerous positives from the session. We also shared with each other the various positive comments which each of us received from Paras as they were leaving.
We congratulate you on a wonderful workshop and deeply appreciate you taking the time to come to Nashua to share your expertise and candor!
Again, thank you so very much for your thought provoking seminar.
My best to you!"

George S. Reid, Ed.D., Director of Human Resources
Nashua School District

"The feedback we got from participants in your workshop was overwhelmingly positive. The workshop provided 'great information and a different perspective.' One participant commented that the session 'helped [me] to see how I can change without suppressing and colluding."

Elizabeth P. Salett, President
National MultiCultural Institute

"The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Your insightful remarks and comments allowed us to achieve our goal; namely, to incite thoughtful dialogue and insure that everyone who attended the program acquired new information to enhance their professional lives. The program was a true success as a direct result of your efforts."

Faun Riebman, Cheryl Hoffman, co-chairs
Workplace Forum '96
Young Leadership Division, Combined Jewish Philanthropies

"If everyone was exposed to and embraced your thoughts I think we could have a
Utopian Culture."

Anne Wedow, Kansas City Fire Dept.

"You were superb...
Many thanks. I hope we meet again."

Jim Dator, director
Futures Studies program, University of Hawaii

"Harris Sussman was, on his own, a conversation piece! His frankness took people (including me) always by surprise, but not in a negative way. In fact, that's what was so appealing about him. He said things that you didn't necessarily want to hear, yet once said, made you realise that he did have a point, and a valid one at that! Harris was honest, frank, but entertaining at the same. I know that he has opened the eyes of many people, to normal everyday things that we all take for granted that should help improve our perspective of the way things are or should be. The comments I received afterwards were very complimentary about Harris.

The Prime Minister of Samoa attended a portion of the conference and I noticed that he stayed through Harris' entire session. Not only did he listen to Harris' presentation, he took notes and seemed to enjoy it very much. To me, this was the highest compliment because he normally would not have stayed after official pleasantries."

Alise Faulalo-Stunnenberg
Conference Coordinator
TCSP 1999 South Pacific Tourism Conference

"Fabulous!" "Provocative!" "Stimulating!" "Consensus Building!" "Inspirational!" "Promising!"

"I could probably add fifty more adjectives I heard during and after the Future Forum regarding your participation and presentations. But…knowing you as I do, I won't "bore" you with those wonderful accolades and just tell you personally what a joy this weekend waas for all of us lucky enough to be there.

You were everything and more Maggie and I knew you would be when she was able to secure you for this important and historical event, Harris. You forced us into the future (some kicking and screaming, of course) in a way that was humorous, introspective, and reflective. Not one person could have walked away from his past weekend feeling we needed to keep on doing the "same old, same old."
Thank you for caring enough about us to come. We could not have made the progress we did without your guidance and insight. Thank you for moving us into arenas which were sometimes uncomfortable, but necessary. Thank you for showing us how important it was to worry about other folks, and most especially, thank you for showing us that what we are going to do is important.."

Maureen Syring
Chairman, National Interfraternity Foundation Futures Forum

"On behalf of the Project Equality of Wisconsin Board of Directors and staff, we wish to thank you for your presentation at the 30th Birthday Celebration. The diversity workshop was enthusiastically received by the audience. You played a major role in he success of this special day!"

Betty J. Thompson, Executive Director
Project Equality of Wisconsin

"Thank you very much for your facilitation of the Campaign for Human Development's annual staff retreat last month. Your work more than exceeded the goals set by our planning committee. It also provided a variety of individual benefits to staff members that were highlighted in our individual evaluations….let me close by expressing the personal pleasure I had in our interaction, both in the planning and in the later implementation of the retreat."

Andy Slettebak, Retreat Committee Chair
Campaign for Human Development, Washington, D.C.

"I had the opportunity to browse through your information. Outstanding. You may not hear this enough but your work and your mission in life are appreciated. You truly are making a difference. Thank you for being the conscience of this country."

Ondra Berry

"Thank you for your kindness to all of us.

I quickly reviewed the feedback forms from yesterday. It was obviously a very remarkable day. I believe it was a solid, large step for this organization on their diversity journey. I truly thank you for engaging the organization the way that you did. You were right on target to use the day to promote dialogue and show that it is the only way to success in this area.
I want to convey how impressed I was with your style….One of the comments that we received was 'Harris' style made it easy and comfortable for me to be myself.' I thank you for the gift of simplicity that you shared with us."

Mary Schutte

"Thank you for the superb job you did in facilitating the Mayor's Committee on Hunger. I want to personally thank you for your deft facilitation. Your ability to frame the task in an inspiring fashion and to help them project into the year 2001 created a marvelously thoughtful and rich discussion. As an observer I was impressed by your talent for unleashing that level of expression in such a short period of time."

James C. Pritchard
Boston Management Consortium

"Thanks for a very stimulating, informative and provocative presentation. Students incorporated their new learning in the workshop that followed your talk -- you left quite an impression on them!"

Pat Trosclair
Assistant Dean
Skidmore College

"The Diversity Leadership Team not only evaluated several diversity training programs, but consulted at length with three nationally recognized diversity experts, each of whom spent a day in consultation with the Team….

While each of the experts had valuable perspectives and lessons from experience to offer the Team, Dr. Harris Sussman was unique in his ability to clarify diversity issues within an organizational context. His understanding of the need to integrate diversity perspectives into all aspects of the organizational environment was clear. Dr. Sussman is widely published in national and international business journals and is the lead columnist in the most widely recognized journal on workforce diversity, Managing Diversity. He has been advisor to numerous Fortune 500 CEOs and to university presidents across the nation.
Dr. Sussman's presentation techniques are energetic, challenging and tough minded. His perspective is global and systemic and reinforces our commitment to becoming a learning organization. He argues very convincingly for continuous research and development, and for building clear accountabilities around diversity initiatives rather than a program approach.
The Team considered his input especially valuable, so much so that it was felt that our senior managers and their direct reports might find his insights particularly useful in shaping their understanding of how diversity perspectives fit into Kaiser Permanente's strategic planning and goal setting. An interactive format similar to the one that the Diversity Leadership Team requested for themselves, e.g., a short presentation by Dr. Sussman followed by the opportunity for intense discussion and dialogue, would be both interesting and useful to our region's leaders."

Kaiser Permanente
Pasadena, California

"Thank you for your excellent presentation at the Fire Academy. The information you presented helped me in my ability to continue to "integrate" my work practices with the practices of my employees."

George W. Baker, Fire Chief
Mashpee Fire & Rescue

"You were the 'hit' of the two day conference"

Virginia Trujillo
Academy for Educational Leadership
Albuquerque Public Schools

"Once again you wowed them. You had 100+ managers 'mesmerized' and as you know at Digital, that's no easy task"

Louis Rubino
Digital Equipment Corporation

"...your inspiring contribution to the Management Seminar..."

Nannette Andrews Amish
Faculty, Lesley College, Programs in Management for Business and Industry

"I cannot remember when we had a lecturer who stirred such a buzz amongst our faculty, nor when I have had so many requests for a return visit."

Michael M. Morris
Academic Dean, University of New England

"...enlightening speech ... very well received."

Judy R. Jones
Executive Director
Florida Black Business Investment Board

"...outstanding presentation at the Board of Directors' Summer Summit...great stimulation"

Christopher G. Hurn
American Association of University Students

"Your presentation went beyond our expectations, which were high from the beginning"

Thomas H. Goldstein
Executive Director, American Association of University Students

"Superb! Outstanding! Thought-provoking!"

Ronnie Miller
National Association of Corporate and Professional Recruiters

"...excellent and thought-provoking presentation"

David J. Farris
President & CEO
Beneficial Management Corporation

"It was great working with you and having you be a part of our diversity journey."

Winifred Easterling, Diversity Programs Manager, GPU Service, Inc.