I speak to groups--

Topics for 2006-2007 include:

  • "Living in a Post-9/11 World"
    --Seeing the world through new eyes, dealing with difficult issues

  • "Multicultural Lives"--me & you & everyone else

  • "The Challenge of the Century: Keep the World in Mind"

  • "America's World of Cultures"
    --A new map and compass for democracy

  • "The New Diversity/The Tao of Diversity "
    --A social contract for the 21st century

  • "Have Globe, Will Travel"

  • "Practicing Peace"
    --The future depends on getting good at it

  • "How to Think Like a Futurist"
  • "How can the world change if you can't?"


    --talks are customized, tailored and researched for your group





    "You really have to distinguish yourself from everyone else out there. A lot of this is show business. Groups want less and less substance. They just want to feel good. That's how our culture is, I guess."

    --John Turan, Marketing Director, Keppler Associates

    Christian Science Monitor, August 18, 2003