Hate Crimes--As American as the Fourth of July

Hate crimes will continue in the months just before and after 2000. The perpetrators will be Christian, white, men. The timing or the location will be symbolically patriotic, such as the Independence Day weekend murders in Illinois and Indiana, or the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The target will be people who are not white or the government which is blamed for allowing them to become more prominent in the US. The reason will be that the US is not a country where white, Christian, male, domination is assured.
If this is not clear to you, you should look at each element more closely.
White domination is not assured, because the white population is declining in proportion to the nonwhite population. Christian domination is not assured, because non-Christians are increasingly visible and numerous. Male domination is not assured, because gender geopolitics has shifted, people's sexual identity has become more ambiguous or confrontational.
In the next five years, "Hispanic" Americans will outnumber African Americans (with about 13% of total US population) and "nonwhite" will outnumber "white male" (with about 34% of the total). As a result of the 2000 Census, there will be a large increase in Native American, Latino, and African-American heritage, if people acknowledge their cross-over identities honestly.
So white males will be less than 1/3 of the US population in 2001-2005, white females will be slightly more than 1/3, and people of color-people with Asian, Latin, African, and Native heritage-will be about 1/3. Then from 2005 to 2050, white males and females combined will go from 70% of the US to 50%. And by 2051 or 2052, white people (people from Europe, people with two Anglo parents) will be less than half the US as a whole (which is already the case in thousands of localities).
Thus endeth the White Ages in American history. We are seeing the White Rage that accompanies the end of that era.
The way we officially classify, categorize and label people is a key to this predicament. The US government reduces the 6000 cultures in the world to 5. We count people according to what continent they came from, or which one their parents came from. We've imposed labels on each other, we're sorting ourselves for some kind of global comparison. And then we're shocked when someone takes aim at someone from another continent.
Do human societies need a caste system, a pecking order? Do we need to sort the world into people like us and not like us? Do some people need to feel special or superior? Apparently, this is a biological fact. Low status is accompanied by low seratonin levels.
Christian white male nationalism is part of the political platform of some politicians. It also works with two out of three-there is white Christian nationalism, shared by men and women. There is male Christian nationalism, seen in the Promise Keepers, among others.
We have seen varieties of nationalism in the Balkans recently, in Bosnia and Kosovo. We have seen what happens when people turn against their neighbors. We use foreign terms when it occurs in other countries--putsch, purge, ethnic cleansing. When it occurs in the US, it's called hate crimes or domestic terrorism..
We are told that the boys who killed their classmates at Columbine High School in Litttleton, Colorado, targeted athletes/jocks and blacks. The man who shot Hasidic Jews, a Korean, and a black man over July 4th weekend in Illinois and Indiana was a member of a white supremacy church.
When we label and count people the way we do in the USA we are playing demographic roulette. We should stop it. Why do we want to know what a person's family tree is? Why do we want to record the genealogy, the bloodline? Why do we keep it impersonal, never getting to know the individual, but only looking at the continent someone came from, or the general color of their skin, or what their spiritual observance is? What difference does that make to anything, least of all to being American?
You know the US Department of Agriculture's idea of the 7 basic food groups? Maybe we should ask people-who do you know from the 7 basic continents? We could use a measure of diversity according to how many continents the people you know, or meet each day, come from. In a typical day, do you have contact with someone with a background from Asia, from Europe, from South America, and from Africa? You would have a score of 4 out of 7. Or you might know a person from Australia. And then there is Antarctica. Penguin power.
--July 5, 1999