It may be time for an Ethical Tune-Up® in your organization.

--If it's been more than 2 years since your last program on ethics, you should schedule a Tune-Up session now.

The Ethical Tune-Up® can be scheduled at your convenience, at your work location or in a retreat setting. It can be tied to your Code of Ethics or to any issues you are presently facing. I will tailor the program to your needs.

You may want to look at issues such as ethical leadership, integrity, corporate citizenship, social accountability, social responsibility, social audits, ethical dilemmas, living your values, spirit at work, guiding principles, right livelihood, hostile environment, harassment, global perspectives, diversity, and conditions for optimum performance.

--For senior managers/executives/board members
--For HR staff
--For supervisors
--For new hires
--For work groups/teams

I have been an expert advisor on ethical questions to many organizations.

I have been a guest instructor at 30 colleges, universities, and professional institutes, and have given 300 professional development presentations for transnational corporations, healthcare, banking, professional services firms, government agencies, etc., throughout the USA and in Canada, Russia, Switzerland, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Samoa.

Please refer this to anyone else who might be interested.

Thank you.
Harris Sussman, Ph.D.


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