How Diversity Works is a handbook for anyone who works with people--in organizations, in education, in counseling. It contains the first 4 years of Dr. Sussman's monthly Q & A column in Managing Diversity plus 30 other articles, as well as checklists, handouts, diagrams, and worksheets.


    Pieces about Tailhook, Work and Family, the Future, Columbus
    Day, Sexual Harassment, "Workforce 2000," and White Males--

    • for your resource library
      • for Diversity teams, councils, and task forces
    • for Diversity leaders, managers, coordinators, facilitators, and trainers
      • recommended reading for college courses
    • for anyone in HR, OD, EAP, Quality/Continuous improvement

This is the guide you've been looking for. Dr. Sussman brings you up to speed on the issues, the controversies, the dilemmas, the strategies...

--he is the only diversity specialist whose work was featured
in a cover story in Business Week ("White, Male, & Worried")

    --he was interviewed on the NBC "Today" show, the
    PBS "NewsHour," and on Bloomberg Business Radio

      --he has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, USA Today, Fortune, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Training, etc.

    --he is an international speaker and consultant
    on the challenges of a changing world

--he was invited to the National Summit on Work and Family in Washington, D.C., the Global Conference on Managing Diversity in Georgia, World Future Society conferences, National Diversity Conferences, the International Conference on Conflict Resolution in St. Petersburg, Russia...

    Now, in this collection of his writings, Harris Sussman gives you the perspective you need as you work on these issues-

      • His "Call for Deep Diversity"
      • Essays on the history and philosophy of diversity work
      • Diversity as a movement for social change-and for improving the bottom line
      • Commentary on American culture past, present, and future

"Nothing else even comes close to being this helpful..."

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